Small Straw and Bamboo Broom

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Small Straw and Bamboo Broom


Small Straw and Bamboo Brush or Broom

Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with this handmade small broom. Crafted from natural materials, it effortlessly cleans up spills on the kitchen floor or leaves from the patio. Its versatile uses and attractive design make it a practical and beautiful addition to any space. Say goodbye to hiding tools in cupboards, proudly display this broom for your next cleaning task!

Use anywhere in the home and also great for camping, glamping, caravanning etc. 

Length: 70cm

Material:  Straw, Bamboo, Rattan

Colour:  Natural/White

NB - as natural materials are used in the making of this brush, variations may occur in finish and colour etc. 
EAN: 2500304984597

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