Greige Story

Some details about us:- 

Greige was born out of a need to “escape”…. my father died at the end of 2012, finally losing his hard fought battle with cancer.  I was grief-stricken and, in all honesty, probably looking for a way to divert my thoughts to anything other than what had just happened.  My escape… I went on a very long shopping trip! 

This website, and the product range we offer here, is the result of that shopping trip and the many shopping trips since!  Basically, my criteria when buying is that I have to love whatever I buy.... each purchase is made following the rule that I have to be happy to have it in my own home should it not sell!  In fact, it is proving very difficult for me to part with some of the goodies that I accumulate.

Everyone who knows me well, knows of my love for everything “grey-beige”…  my home is very neutral and natural, with a raw “unfinished” theme.  Everything we stock is of a similar nature  – hence the name “Greige”.  When choosing the name I had no idea that it was not only a word made up to describe the grey/beige theme but also a word in the dictionary (French origin) meaning “raw, unbleached, undyed textile or linen” - very apt!

I hope you enjoy browsing.  I have enjoyed searching out each and every item. Everything has been selected from a wide range of sources - from small, independent craftsmen, vintage/antique sales to large international companies.  I hope you find the array of goods interesting and just that little bit different.  

I had thought about starting such a business for years but never had the courage to do it. Very sad times and a need to escape, combined with the stark realisation that one never knows what is around the corner, spurred me on. Life is too short (far too short for some) – we need to follow our dreams. 

LATEST NEWS - the most recent exciting chapter in this adventure was the  opening of our very first "bricks and mortar" store... in Chiswick, West London. Subscribe to our newsletter for information on shop events (for example, late night Christmas shopping with Prosecco and nibbles!).