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Rustic Iron Urn Planters - Versailles - Various Sizes


Rustic Iron Urn Planters - Versailles - Various Sizes 

Rustic and charming. Evoking the weathered beauty of rusted copper, these decorative garden planters are hand crafted from iron and inspired by the landscape urns of French chateaux. Carefully finished to achieve their unique and beautifully aged verdigris patina.

Please note - these planters have a "distressed" finish and by the very nature of that process are not perfect - this is the way they are supposed to look!  They have a charming rustic finish that will continue to age over time (especially if used outdoors).  They look heavy, but are deceivingly lightweight and therefore easy to handle and move when required, even when planted up!

Available in various sizes.  There are two "narrower" styles, both with a rounded rim around top.  The two slighter "wider" styles both have a turned lip around the top. 

Please note that the first photo will change to the corresponding urn when a selection is made from the drop-down menu (you may have to scroll to the top of the photos if viewing on a mobile phone or ipad).


39 H x 28 Dia (ribbed top)
52 H x 42 Dia (lipped top)
54 H x 37 Dia (ribbed top)
59 H x 52 Dia (lipped top)

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