Recycled Glass Tumbler - Moss Green

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Recycled Glass Tumbler - Moss Green


Recycled Glass Tumbler - Moss Green

Tall glass tumbler, made of recycled glass in a beautiful green colour. The glass is mouth-blown in a mould, so each glass will vary and be unique.     

These glasses are made from recycled glass - old glass is collected and taken to collection centers where it is segregated by colour.  The glass is then washed before it is molten and re-created into beautiful hand-made articles such as these glasses, shaped by talented artists using century old techniques.  Glass is ideal for recycling since none of the material is degraded by normal use.

Colour: Moss Green

Size: D 7 x H 11.5 cm  Capacity 200ml

Handwash only

(Also available in Ochre)

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