Handmade Glass Carafe or Vase

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Handmade Glass Carafe or Vase


Beautiful Handmade Glass Carafe or Vase

We are absolutely delighted we found this beautiful hand-made glassware from Portugal. Every piece is unique both in shape/size and shade. Moulds and stamps in which the glowing glass cools down and finds its shape are all made by hand. The glass is blown by mouth then carefully shaped in the moulds. The rims are cut, edged and polished with the greatest attention. All by the careful eye of the craftsmen & women who make them. More than 150 years of experience in mixing sand with colour pigment is reflected in the craftmanship of the artisans who make these beautiful glasses. Perfect for formal dinner parties or simple drinks with friends. Great wedding presents too..... 

Fantastic set when used with the stunning gobletswater tumblers and pitchers from the same range.

Care: Wash carefully by hand (or gently in the dishwasher). 

Colours:  Clear; Turquoise Blue;  Pink

Size:  1 litre

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