whitewash grey galvanised iron tray with fancy edge

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Whitewashed Grey Galvanised Iron Trays - Fancy Edge


Whitewashed Grey Galvanised Iron Trays - Fancy Edge

These trays are made of galvanised iron which has been given an antique whitewash finish.  With some detail around the rim, all backed with little rubber feet, and a good selection of sizes, hopefully you will find one that meets your needs - be it a candle tray, something to stand a cloche on, a plant stand, somewhere to put your glasses or stand your soap...

(Please note - if you get these trays wet, they may continue to patinate with rust and verdigris which in our minds is not a problem as we like the rustic look, but you should be aware of this in case you would prefer to keep them as they are - in which case, we suggest you avoid any moisture!)

Sizes available:- 

XS - Dia 8cm
S - Dia 10cm 
M - Dia 13cm
L - Dia 16cm
XL - Dia 18cm

All 1.5cm height.

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