Washable Paper Storage Box Uashmama Italy A4 Low or Tall

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Washable Paper Easy Box from Italy - Avana Brown, Light Grey or Black


Washable Paper Washable Paper Easy Storage Box from Italy - Avana Brown, Light Grey or Black

Another wonderful product from the Italian Uashmama range. Handmade and sewn in Tuscany, these ingenious washable paper boxes are actually made from paper, a washable paper that can be used over and over again. Manufactured using traditional processes, using 100% cellulose fibre (virgin fibre from cultivation and not by deforestation). The material is incredibly strong - do not think of the usual "paper" - they feel like leather, wash like fabric and flatten for easy storage. They are sustainable, good-looking and are almost indestructible!  AMAZING.

An Eco-Friendly line of functional washable paper boxes that will help you defeat the clutter and create a clean and organised environment.

Designed to add functionality to your space: in the wardrobe, in the shoe cupboard, in the office for your documents, in the play room for all those toys and craft materials, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, inside drawers, in the kitchen or utility room for your utensils and tools...

Simply write on the label with chalk to identify what you have stored away.  Easy to clean with a damp cloth and ingenious to store when not in use - in fact the system of automatic popper buttons will allow you to easily fold and store them, taking up very little space.

Functionality, innovation and sustainability.  We love this range!

Available in two sizes - both a little larger than A4, a shorter version (12cm high) and a taller version (20cm high).

A4 Low - W 23 x D 33 x H 12 cm // W 9 x D 13 x H 4.8 inches
A4 Tall - W 23 x D 33 x H 20 // W 9 x D 13 x H 7.8 inches

Care:  Wash by hand and in cold water, without using special soaps, and stretch out to dry (avoid excessively sunny location).

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