Small Three Wick Candle - 15 x 10 cm

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Small Three Wick Candle - 15 x 10 cm


Small Round Multiwick Candle (3 Wick) - Ø15 x H 10 cm 

Beautiful three wick candles.

Colours - White or Mouse Grey

Size: Ø15 x H 10 cm 

Tips for Burning Multiwick Candles:
Always have approximately 1cm of wick - don't trim too short or the wicks could drown in the wax. Make sure you trim the wicks immediately after burning (when they are "soft") and not before you light the candle (when the wicks are cold and brittle) or they could snap off too short.  When burning, particularly for the first time, always try to burn for several hours in order for large pools to form - if you burn for very short periods, individual small pools will form and will not join together - the best way to burn the candle is with one large pool with all the wicks burning together.

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