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Short, Curly Australian Sheepskin Rug or Throw - 1.5 Skin - Dark Brown


Short, Curly Australian Sheepskin Rugs - 1.5 Skins - Dark Brown

Curly Australian sheepskins are known for their short and robust wool fibres and small curls. Suitable for use in daily life and great for seat covers. Bringing a luxurious touch to any contemporary interior (can be used outside too). Great for throwing over a hard and/or cold chair!  These long sheepskins (one and a half skins sewn together lengthways) are perfect for a bench, the end of a bed, along the back of a sofa... and especially good or a chair as they cover both the seat and back!

An outstanding natural material which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dyed with an Eco-friendly dying process – ECO-TAN™ - the skins become very soft with this process and make them suitable for both adults and children.

Two sheepskins are never the same. This means that the finished product may vary in appearance, in terms of color, size and structure.

Dimensions (will vary, but approx):- 135x60 cm (1.5 skins, sewn together end to end).

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