Set of Four Recycled Glass Vases

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Set of Four Recycled Glass Vases


Set of Four Colourful Recycled Glass Vases

A gorgeous collection of little recycled glass vases to add a pop of colour to your interior. 

Each vase is made of 100% recycled glass via the following process.  The glass pieces are collected, sorted into colour tones, then melted together. Then each product is individually mouth blown through a hollow iron bar. This artisan method of production makes each item unique in shape, size and expression - the charm of mouth blown glass.    

The set consists of one of each colour - four vases in total. 

Use as a set, perhaps down the centre of a long dining table, along the mantelpiece or windowsill.  Pop single vases on bedside tables to welcome guests, or a little group to brighten up a side table.  Perfect displayed with single flowers - fresh, faux or dried, or a small posy of wild flowers.  Just as lovely standing empty.  

Please note - The second photo shows these mixed with other vases that are not included - confirming how easily they mix in with other recycled vases to put together a truly eclectic collection.  We have various other vases available online - type recycled glass vase in the search bar.

Size - H 9 x Dia 6.8 cm (size is approximate)

Colours: Light Brown; Green; Turquoise Blue; Dark Brown. 

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