large white outdoor candles

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Rustic Outdoor Event Candle - White


Rustic Outdoor Garden Candle

Lovely chunky and rustic garden candles for those alfresco parties and summer BBQs. It would need a very strong wind to blow out the flame that is produced from the large wick in these candles....  Available in four large sizes.

For outdoor use only. Always stand in a bowl or on some sort of candle plate as the heat produced from the thick wick (necessary to prevent it from blowing out) means that the high temperature may cause the candle to drip.  Should not be placed in direct sunlight and may crack when the temperature is below 0° C.

Dimensions (diameter x height - approx burn time):-

15 x 10cm - BT 60 hours
15 x 15cm - BT 85 hours - SORRY SOLD OUT
15 x 20cm - BT 140 hours - SORRY SOLD OUT
15 x 37cm - BT 225 hours

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