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Rustic Glazed Terracotta Mug - Small


Rustic Glazed Terracotta Mug - Small

These wonderfully tactile mugs combine the earthy pallets of either rustic terracotta or subdued slate grey, with a smooth off-white glaze.  Available in either this short version or a taller mug for those who prefer a longer beverage.  We also have a charming jug available in the same range.

This collection is created by talented artisans in China. The country has a rich heritage of arts and crafts, but sadly it is now more renowned for mass production and many of its traditional skills have been forgotten or overlooked. This gorgeous range has been produced via a fair-trade partnership, thus helping to protect the skills of these talented artisans.


Colours: Slate Grey/Off White or Terracotta/Off White

Size: H 6.5 x Dia 8 cm

Care: Dishwasher safe. Microwave proof.

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