Rug Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

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Rug Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


Rug Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

These fabulous boho rugs with the perfect combination of vivid colours and a variety of stripes will brighten any home. Hand-woven with a tightly finished kilim weave, these stunning rugs are not only incredibly soft and cosy but also hard-wearing and machine washable, making them ideal for kids' rooms, playrooms, living areas, and high traffic zones.

What sets these rugs apart is their eco-friendly design. Hand-woven using recycled plastic yarn and non-toxic dyes, they offer the same softness and texture as wool while also being stain-resistant and completely unattractive to moths and dust mites. Perfect for homes with pets and children, these rugs are hypoallergenic and claw-friendly.

They are the ultimate bohemian accessory and can even be used outdoors, making them the perfect boho camping rug. Add a touch of colour and comfort to your home and make a positive impact on the environment while doing so.

NB The Herringbone style is made from a looser, open weave that is more suited to low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and studies.

Size: 180 x 120 cm

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