A A Milne organic cotton baby swaddle

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Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle


Organic Cotton Baby Swaddles

Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, these gorgeous baby swaddles make the perfect addition to any nursery. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are just right for keeping your baby cosy but not too warm. Use them as intended to swaddle your baby, or keep them with you on the go for a nursing blanket, shade maker, or lay it over a public changing table.

These extra large baby swaddles are made out of 100% Organic Cotton and available in five different designs.

Available in the following sayings:

  • "Darling, I love you, I love you..."

  • "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen." A.A. Milne

  • "May you touch fireflies & stars, dance with fairies & talk to the moon.

  • "Beautiful Darling, you are the sweetest gift and I adore you. You are a bright young thing and the whole world is in front of you. Take things as they come and you will weather well. Go everywhere. Be brave and strong and free. Keep your eyes and ears and heart wide open. Look for the goodness all around you. And when you feel small in the great big world, be still. Think of your beautiful roots. they are deep and true and will allow you to stretch far. So go into the world and let your little light shine. And always remember you are loved and blessed and the littlest one that ever stole my heart."

  • "You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

Pre-washed, 100% organic cotton muslin.  Extra soft.  Extra dreamy.

Size: 120x120cm

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