Nordic Sea Ceramic Bowls by Broste Copenhagen - Tiny & Small - Greige - Home & Garden - Chiswick, London W4

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Nordic Sea Ceramic Bowls by Broste Copenhagen - Tiny & Small


Nordic Sea Ceramic Bowls by Broste Copenhagen

From Broste Copenhagen. These lovely little bowls have a wonderful textured stoneware surface that has all the appeal (but not the associated price!) of hand-thrown artisan ceramics - making them perfect for everyday use. Each piece is totally unique in tones of blue-grey-green. In the same range we also have beautiful little mugs (beakers really as they have no handle), including a really cute espresso mug, a milk/cream jug and some larger bowls.

Each bowls stands on three tiny little feet and you will find them so useful for all sorts of things - the small bowl would be perfect for olives, dips, sugar, nuts, etc...... and the tiny little bowl is just right for dipping oil & vinegar, mayo, ketchup, other condiments and, although I hate to say it and it seems far too nice for such use, it would be perfect for used teabags!

Available individually - choose your mix of sizes. 

NB - all the items from the Broste Copenhagen "Nordic" range are similar in tone but are not identical - each item is unique which in our mind lends a particularly quirky and "artisan" look to this line. Some of the range is more blue/grey tones, other pieces are more green/grey tones. They all look wonderful together and their individuality is all part of the overall look. However, if you like perfectly "matching" items then this range is probably not for you!

Size (diameter x height):-
Tiny - 8.5 x 3.5cm
Small - 11 x 5.5cm


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