Metallic Paper Bag from Italy - Platinum

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Metallic Paper Bag from Italy - Platinum


Metallic Paper Bag from Italy - Platinum

Another wonderful product from the Italian Uashmama range. Handmade and sewn in Tuscany, these ingenious bags are actually made from paper, a washable paper that can be used over and over again. Manufactured using traditional processes, using 100% cellulose fibre (virgin fibre from cultivation and not by deforestation). The material is incredibly strong - do not think of the usual "paper" - they feel like leather, wash like fabric and flatten for easy storage. They are sustainable, good-looking and are almost indestructible!  AMAZING.

This is the beautiful and original washable paper bag from Uashmama, but in a wonderful metallic platinum finish. Over time and with use, the shimmering foil will soften and wear, creating a beautiful distressed effect (don't be afraid to scrunch them!). 

Perfect storage solution for just about anything - bread, fruit, toys, make-up, toiletries, craft materials, jewellery, plants etc. 

Small - W 11 x D 11 x H 23 cm (unrolled)
Medium - W 17 x D 11 x H 31 cm (unrolled)
Large - W 20 x D 14 x H 33 cm (unrolled)
Extra Large - W 22 x D 22 x H 70 cm (unrolled)

Care: Wash in warm water using a mild soap or detergent. Handwash only, do not machine wash or dry clean. If you are using your UASHMAMA product for herbs, plants or flowers, be sure to use a small watertight container inside the bag (such as a flowerpot, vase or plastic bag). We do not recommend planting directly into the product as it is not waterproof - water will not hurt the bag but will leak through and could damage the surface it is placed on.

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