Himalayan Incense Burning Wicks

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Himalayan Incense Burning Wicks


Himalayan Rope Incense 

Deodorise the surrounding air with these burning wicks made from pure Himalayan herbs and Nepalese paper. Enjoy the magical cleansing and harmonising aroma without any plastic waste and in a natural way.  Said to aid concentration and traditionally used for ritual purification.

Made by Tibetan Monks using pure herbs from the Himalayas and paper from Nepal.

To use, light the end of the rope and let the flame go out so that it is smouldering.  Place on a fireproof dish.  One rope/wick lasts around 15 minutes.

Each bundle contains 30 burn wicks.

Ingredients: Authentic Dhup made with pure Himalayan herbs including Juniper, Camphor, Saldup (Resin of Sal tree), Jatamansi / Spikenard, Deodar (cedar) and Asta Sugandha, all hand rolled into Pure Nepali Lokta Paper.

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