Handmade Felt Farm Set - Fairtrade

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Handmade Felt Farm Set - Fairtrade


Felt Twelve Piece Farm Set - Handmade and Fairtrade

So lovely and so very well made.  A beautiful, twelve piece heirloom set, comprising:-

Farmhouse Carrying Case, Male Farm Worker, Female Farm Worker, Tractor, Horse
Donkey, Goat, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Hen and not forgetting the Farm Cat

The house measures 16cm high, 16cm wide and 13cm deep and everything fits neatly inside.  The front of the house opens and folds down to form a green field in front of the building.  It is fastened together with velcro tabs.

The farm workers are approximately 15cm tall and the animals are of varying sizes (not in true proportion to each other, the farmers or the farm, but perfect for play).

Hand made in Nepal under fair trade conditions from 100% wool felt.

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