Gurgly Gluggle Jug Aqua

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Gurgly Gluggle Glug Glug Jug - 1.4L


Gurgly Gluggle Glug Glug Jug - 1.4L

This Extra Large Gurgly Gluggle Glug Glug Jug is sure to make waves!  Shaped like a traditional koi fish, it will certainly turn heads and become a talking point.  Available in several hand-picked colours, finished with stunning detail and fine translucent glaze, these jugs will undoubtedly wow your guests.  The really fun feature is the "glug glug" sound that eminates from the fish's unique mouth-shaped pourer when you serve drinks!

Perfect for water, wine, or even cocktails, but also can be used it as a utensil pot, or even as a vase to hold your floral designs.  Bold, beautiful and an iconic piece that will make a fantastic centrepiece on the dining table whatever the occasion.

Beautifully handcrafted, closely following the original design made by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire in the late 1870s (a pair of these wonderful jugs were presented to the Queen and Prince Philip in 1958 on their visit to the Britannia Naval College - the jugs were 9” tall, glazed green and embossed with the Royal insignia and the date).  These jugs are a real show-stopper and bringing a little fun and eccentricity to any dining table!

Size:  Height 28cm - Capacity 1.4l 

Care:  We suggest handwashing only.  They can be occasionally put in the dishwasher, however frequent washing in the dishwasher may affect the glaze. If using a dishwasher, please ensure the area inside the tail is properly rinsed out before use.

Also available in a smaller 750ml jug and a mini 50ml size.

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