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Giant Matches in Letterpress Printed Luxury Matchbox - Hippopotamus


Giant Matches in Letterpress Printed Luxury Matchbox - Hippopotamus

The latest (and certainly most quirky!) addition to our matchbox collection - a GIANT version!   These will certainly not fail to impress and make the most superb present for that man who loves to light a fire, bbq, wood burner... and you have no idea what else to buy him... or anyone for that matter who has a passion for candles (particularly candles that are deep inside a hurricane and hard to reach!).

We absolutely love these!

30 x 19 x 6 cm (box) - 150 orange, pink and yellow matchsticks

All matchboxes in this fabulous collection (see all styles here) have been letterpress printed using an ancient Heidelberg.  A perfect marriage of function and design, these wonderful matches have now become widely accepted as a perfect gift product, competing with chocolate and flowers.  Letterpress printed in Britain - no two prints are exactly the same - each is subtly different. 

Designed, printed and assembled in the UK.

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