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Gathered Truths with Brass Cuff - For The One I Love


50 Gathered Truths with Brass Cuff - "For The One I Love"

A lovely antiqued brass cuff filled with 50 beautiful "gathered truths" for any occasion, printed on little cards handcrafted from recycled paper. Each card has a unique, inspiring and meaningful quote.

A beautiful unique gift for a special someone that will be truly treasured. 

Start each day with an inspiring quotation from one of these 50 Gathered Truths.

Dimensions:  Each Card approx 7.5 x 12.5 cm (includes x50 unique cards and the brass cuff)

"For My Dear Friend" version also available, plus box of x365 Gathered Truths.

NB - does not necessarily contain the quotes shown in the photos.

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