Natural Horn Egg Spoon with Black Horn Tip

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Egg Spoon - 12cm - Various


Egg Spoon - 12cm - Various

Crafted using raw materials, sourced ethically from renewable resources, often recycling a ’waste’ product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill. 

This unique range of contemporary tableware is individually hand carved and finished by highly skilled craftsmen, using waste materials such Vietnamese water buffalo horn and bone.  In Vietnam, water buffalo is a meat source and forms part of their daily diet.  If the horns and bone were not re-purposed into cutlery, this raw material would be cast aside and incinerated, releasing carbon into the atmosphere and creating a waste product.  The rosewood is off-cuts from a furniture maker. 

The families who craft these products set their own prices and the supplier is proud of the working relationship they have developed with them over the last 20 years.

Please note that these spoons, crafted from natural materials, are not suitable for dishwashers and should always be washed by hand.

According to age-old tradition, a horn egg spoon is the only spoon to eat a boiled egg with as it doesn't taint the taste of the egg! This egg spoon has a cute little egg carved out of the tip.

Available in bone with a black horn egg; natural horn with a black horn egg; black horn with a bone egg; or rosewood with a black horn egg.

Length 12cm

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