Transport Metal Construction Kits

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Transport Metal Construction Kits


Transport Metal Construction Kits

Land Rover - Spitfire - Flying Scotman - Campervan

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Create your own motorized masterpiece with these metal construction sets! It's the perfect combination of nostalgia and creativity.

Whether it's a classic camper van, a Flying Scotsman, a Spitfire, or a Land Rover. Get ready to have a jolly good time crafting and playing with pieces that are sure to take you and your kids on a fun-filled journey! 

Comes with clear instructions and are made of high quality stainless steel. It is a great gift for people of all ages, from kids to adults. It helps children develop fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and basic engineering skills. Parental supervision is recommended.

Approx Dimensions When Built
Camper Van H11 x W10 x D18.7 cm
Land Rover H12 x W13 x D28.0 cm
Spitfire H11 x W40 x D35
Flying Scotsman H9 x W6.5 x D41 cm

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