Canvas Bag - Cherub Natural - One Hundred Star

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Canvas Bag - Cherub Natural - One Hundred Stars


Canvas Bag - Cherub Natural - One Hundred Stars

Experience the grandeur and beauty of highly decorated ceilings in grand theatres with this stunning black hand-drawn print. The intricate antique details are brought to life in a monotone scheme that is both sophisticated and wearable.

This sustainable cotton canvas bag is not only versatile, but also stunningly beautiful. It can be your go-to reusable shopping bag, your gym bag, a classic book tote, or a chic beach bag. Its 100% sustainable materials make it a must-have for anyone looking to make a positive impact and it's a real eye-turner too!

  • 100% Sustainable Cotton; Hand Wash at 30 degress
  • Hand wash at 30 degrees; cool iron only
  • Size: approx 50 x 50 cm (excluding handle)
  • Total handle length approx 64cm

One Hundred Stars is a British family run business.  With a true love of textiles, they create the most beautiful, timeless designs.  Not fashion led, but with inspiration taken from classical and historical designs (as they say - the more eccentric and wittier the better!).  Each design in their collection has its own personality, just like the people who love to wear them!  One Hundred Stars aim to make the best ethical choices throughout the complete production process, sourcing and manufacturing in India using a small family business that they are proud to say are now good friends.

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