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Beautiful Block Multi-Wick Candles


Beautiful Block Multi-Wick Candles

These amazing candles are from a long-established Belgian company - traditionally made by people with many years of experience in casting candles. Exceptional quality is assured by using only the best raw materials and individual hand-finishing of each candle. We have them available in two subtle colours - Asparagus White or Mouse Grey. Stunning. 

A wonderful, unique gift.

We have a simple glass box lantern available that takes the 4 wick candle (see here), otherwise you can always use something of your own - but we suggest standing the candle on some kind of base.

(Take a look at the pillar, multiwick and square candles from the same company.)

4 Wick Block: L32xH12xD8cm (New)
5 Wick Block :  L40xH12xD8cm 

Tips for getting the most from your beautiful block candle:-
Always have approximately 1cm of wick - don't trim too short or the wicks could drown in the wax. Make sure you trim the wicks immediately after burning (when they are "soft") and not before you light the candle (when the wicks are cold and brittle) or they could snap off too short.  When burning, particularly for the first time, always try to burn for several hours in order for large pools to form - if you burn for very short periods, individual small pools will form and will not join together - the best way to burn the candle is with one large pool with all five wicks burning together.

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