Bamboo and Wicker Side Table with One Shelf

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Bamboo and Wood Side Table with One Shelf


Bamboo and Wood Side Table with One Shelf

This attractive bamboo and wood side table can be used in many different ways, both inside or outdoors, making it so very versatile.   

In both the indoor and the outdoor area this decorative little table serves as a chic and at the same time functional side table for drinks, bowls of nibbles, glasses etc.  It is also the perfect size for a large lantern and/or plant or vase of flowers.  Use the lower shelf for storing books, throws etc.  However, if using outdoors, please remember to bring inside if the weather should turn as the table should not get wet.

In the bedroom, the charming bamboo table would serve well as a bedside table.

Bamboo has a sturdy and natural appearance and it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, much faster than wood - making it a very sustainable solution for furniture.  

W 46 x H 72 L 76 cm

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