Wonki Ware South Africa Large Custard Squat Jug Charcoal

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Wonki Ware Large Squat Custard Jug


Wonki Ware Large Squat Custard Jug

A truly charming and very useful jug. Part of our Wonki Ware range from South Africa. Each jug is hand-made and decorated so every one is a unique piece!

Squat style jugs that can be used for custard, milk, water, gravy, juice as well as a vase for flowers. Every one is unique and these can rightly be considered heirloom pieces. Available in either Duck Egg, Charcoal or Aubergine wash.

Dishwasher safe.

Size: Approximately 15cm diameter x 10cm tall.  Capacity 1 Litre

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