Washable Paper Bread Bag from Italy

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Washable Paper Bread Bag from Italy


Washable Paper Bread Bag from Italy

Another wonderful product from the Italian Uashmama range. Handmade and sewn in Tuscany, these ingenious bags are actually made from paper, a washable paper that can be used over and over again. Manufactured using traditional processes, using 100% cellulose fibre (virgin fibre from cultivation and not by deforestation). The material is incredibly strong - do not think of the usual "paper" - they feel like leather, wash like fabric and flatten for easy storage. They are sustainable, good-looking and are almost indestructible!  AMAZING.

The Uashmama washable paper bread bag is versatile and functional. Designed for serving bread, but functional for many of your organising and storage needs. Can be rolled up to form a deep rectangular box, or down to form a shallow tray.

Colour: Light Grey; Dark Grey; Avana; Olive

Size:  W23 x D10 x H5-18 cm (height rolled or unrolled)

Care: Wash in warm water using a mild soap or detergent. Handwash only, do not machine wash or dry clean.

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