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Noble Wilde Possum Merino Moss Stitch Neck Warmer

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Noble Wilde Moss Stitch Neck Warmer

One piece neck warmer with moss stitch knit structure.

53% Merino, 40% Possum Fur, 7% Silk (see information below on environmental/sustainable issues regarding eco-friendly possum fur.)

Size: One Size

Information on Noble Wilde use of Possum Merino Mix
For over three decades Noble Wilde has perfected the blending of two of the most exceptional natural fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxuriant fur of the possum. Together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability. Merino and possum have outstanding qualities, tactile, functional and ethical. The Possum Fur when combined with Merino Wool produces an exceptionally soft and warm yarn that is both lighter and warmer than wool on its own. The resultant knitwear is light, warm, very breathable and luxuriantly soft.

Brushtail possums were first introduced into New Zealand from Australia in 1837 to establish a fur industry. By 1900 the reported damage to native flora and fauna, crops and orchards prompted the government to commission investigations by two of the country's leading botanists. It was agreed that the potential long-term effects on the environment if left unchecked would be devastating.

By the 1940’s, evidence of damage by possums to New Zealand’s forest increased. The need for action on a national scale was recognised, and in 1951 a bounty was placed on the animal, but this did little to control the increasing and expanding population of possums. 

In the early 1960's possums had spread to 84% of the country.

Today possums are considered the major animal pest in New Zealand with the number of possums estimated to exceed 70 million (twice the number of sheep). Possums are ravenous eaters that consume a staggering amount of native vegetation, which is in excess of 21,000 tonnes per day.

Merino Possum knitwear was developed as a by-product of the possum control program, making the merino/possum blend an environmentally sound choice.

The benefits of the two fibres:-

Merino Wool has unique characteristics. Each fibre is exceptionally fine, long and densely crimped, retaining heat close to the skin and keeping out cold air. The fibre also wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the skin to stay warm and dry. Spun Merino retains all of these qualities and is one of the most durable natural yarns.

Possum Fur
fibres are hollow, trapping warm air against the skin. The only other animal with this astonishing insulating fur is the Polar Bear. The trapped air not only retains heat efficiently, but makes the fur light in weight. Spinning possum fibre into yarn reduces the weight of a garment, while simultaneously increasing its warmth.

Caring for your Knitwear

Possum Merino knitwear is very easy care. It is naturally odour resistant, so requires less washing, which is kinder on you and the environment.

When washing is required, please refer to your garment care label for specific washing instructions

Gentle hand wash in cool water using a small amount of mild wool detergent

  • Do Not use bleach or spot cleaning products
  • Rinse well in cool water – Hot water will cause shrinkage
  • Recommendation – Use the same temperature of water for both washing and rinsing your garment
  • Gently squeeze and/ or roll garment in a towel to absorb excess water
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on wool setting
  • Drycleanable

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