Real Flame Faux Pillar Candle

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Real Flame Faux Pillar Candle


Real Flame Faux Pillar Candles Farluce by Qult

Wow - what a great idea - a "faux" pillar candle that holds a tealight - no messy melted wax spilling everywhere or expensive pillar candles that need replacing, yet still with a REAL flame. Designed and made in Germany, these candles are of the highest quality. They are a real hit with everyone who has sees them. We initially bought them to use in our display lanterns when at shows to avoid wasting expensive pillar candles and having messy wax inside the glass of the lanterns that we were trying to sell. So many customers wanted to purchase them that we decided to start supplying them. Perfect for anywhere - inside, outside, in lanterns, on candle holders (they even have a small hole in the bottom for the "prong" of any candle-holder!). They look stunning simply standing alone on the mantelpiece or on the dining table... you can always be safe in the knowledge that they will not drip onto precious or unprotected surfaces!

You simply place a tealight (these must be the type that are in clear plastic cups and the deeper, longer burning style in the 38mm diameter size) in the top of the "faux" candle which is made of extremely durable plastic but looks like real wax, light it and you have a really beautiful, realistic looking pillar candle with a real flame. No mess and no wastage. Also, with the added safety bonus that it will extinguish automatically once the tealight has burnt out.  Great for outdoor use too as the candle will not melt or distort if left out in full sun like ordinary wax candles tend to do. 

These candles are a classic church candle shape, with a slightly tapered top (with the exception of the smallest 6x6 cm candle which has a completely flat top) and they are pure white in colour.

Available in the following sizes:-
6cm Diameter x 6cm Height (flat top only)
8 cm Diameter in 9, 12, 15, 18 cm Heights
10cm Diameter in 12, 15, 18, 21, 30 cm Heights
12cm Diameter in 15, 20, 25, 35, 45, 55 cm Heights

The 8cm diameter candles take regular size deep tealights (38x25mm with a burn time of approx 8 hours), the 10 & 12cm diameter candles take maxi-tealights (56x27mm with a burn time of approx 7-8 hours). Both types of tealight are readily available on the high street but we also stock here for your convenience.  Please note - the tealights used should always be of the clear cup style and in the regular diameter size they should always be the deep, longer burning type with a height of 25mm).

(We can supply two other candle styles - a version where the flame burns "inside" the candle, flickering through the translucent plastic outer, and a completely flat-topped version.  Both of these alternative styles would be a special order and can take several weeks to arrive - please email if interested.)

We also offer discounts for trade - please contact us with your requirements and we will quote.

Take a look at the video below....Farluce by Qult


Special Features:-

 No shape distortion due strong sunlight; temperature-resistant from -50°C to +80°C.

 UV resistant; suitable for outdoor use.

 The plastic is FDA certified; contact with food is harmless.

Care Instructions:-

If there is any sign of slightly dirt like soot you can simply remove with a soft cloth, warm water and dish detergent.

To remove wax we recommend placing the tealight holder in warm water to melt the wax and remove it with a soft cloth.

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