Wonki Ware Large Straight Mug Charcoal Wash

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Wonki Ware Mug - Large Straight


Wonki Ware Mug - Large Straight

A really stylish, and very big, mug. Great for tea, cappuccino, soups etc and just perfect for scrummy hot chocolate covered in squishy melting marshmallow!  

This pottery is fine and lightweight and therefore these mugs do not make their contents cold quickly like some heavier china mugs - a real plus point for us!

Available in various colours, either with a plain colour wash or thin vertical stripe.

Size: Approximately H 9-10 x Dia 9-10 cm

NB  Due to the handmade nature of this product, size and shape may vary. We believe this only adds to the charm!  In particular, the size of these handmade mugs can vary quite a bit - if you are ordering more than one mug we will do our best to pick similar sizes, but it is not always possible.

We now have a large selection of the beautiful Wonki Ware range - see the entire collection here.

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