Danish Tin Houses for Tealights from Walther & Co


Danish Tin Houses for Tealights from Walther & Co

La crème de la crème of Danish tin houses from famous and wonderfully chic Scandinavian interior company, Walther & Co who design unique products for the home (especially for Christmas) inspired by Nordic tradition adding to your hygge.

Different shapes and sizes can be placed together to create your own little street. Great for inside (on the mantelpiece, in the fireplace, on a window-sill...) or outside in the porch perhaps to provide a warm welcoming glow for your guests. Perfect for tea-lights or even some battery-powered fairy lights - just place inside the opening at the back of the house.

Each house comes with the authentic Walther & Co little set of wire charms attached (Walther & Co logo and heart).

The measurements shown are taken looking at the house from the front (with the opening for tealight at the back). Therefore the depth measurement is from front of house to back where the tealight hole is - hope this makes sense!  The house can be displayed either front on, or side on, whichever you prefer. Individual house photographs show both views.

Styles (Size is shown H x W x D - all in cms)
Style A - H24 x W12 x D22 
Style B - H18 x W9 x D10 
Style C - H20 x W9 x D17.5
Style D - H25 x W13 x D20
Style E - H31 x W9.5 x D15
Style F - H35 
Style H - H22 x W12 x D14.5
Style P - H17.5 x W9 x D20 
Style T - H30 

Mini Styles
Style I - H10 x W8 x D8 
Style J - H14 x W7 x D8
Style K - H16 x W6 x D7
Style S - H12 x W8.5 x D8.5

Round Styles
Style L H22
Style L1 H22

Barn Styles (little round window in front instead of heart)
Style M - H14.5 x W15 x D16 (two chimneys)
Style O - H20 x W18 x D27.5 (long barn)

Mountain House
Style R - H16 x W13 x D8 (with brass trim under eaves)

Extra Large Styles (these are the same colour as all the other houses - sorry the photos are taken in daylight and therefore appear lighter in colour)
Style X - H38 x W39 x D17 (with lid & plain back, can be wall-hung)
Style Y - H45 x W18 X D29
Style Z - H36 x W19 x D24

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