Disco Ball Faceted Mirror Heart Ornament - Small - Boncoeurs

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Disco Ball Faceted Mirror Heart Ornament - Small - Boncoeurs


Disco Ball Faceted Mirror Heart Ornament - Small - Boncoeurs

Introducing the new baby sister to the incredibly popular larger faceted mirror heart...

Add a touch of magic to your life with this wonderful ornament that combines the idea of milagro/ex voto charms with the delight of the iconic Disco Ball!  This ornamental piece brings the promise of love and miracles wherever it hangs. Hang it from a sumptuous velvet ribbon and watch as reflections of light dance around your room. Position it on your shelves, or in a cabinet with other curiosities, to add a flavour of sparkle and glamour to your home! One thing's for sure - the Disco Ball Mirrored Heart Ornament, in either size, is sure to bring a little extra love into your life.

(See the larger version of this wonderful heart here.)

SizeH 18 x W 11.5 x D 5.5 cm  

About the brand:-
The Boncoeurs adventure began in 2015 in Lyon, France, when two sisters, Camille and Justine Bonneville, united by their passion for Indian craftmanship and decorative objects, opened their shop to showcase their creations.
Nourished by their imagination, the sisters have crafted an exquisite collection that celebrates Indian craftsmanship (Jaipur being their production base). Drawing inspiration from religious artifacts, especially European ex-votos, they have produced breathtaking pieces full of spiritual significance. From baroque wall decor, to mirrors, to candle jewellery and trays, their collection invites you to love the intangible, to seek beauty in everyday life and to revere what the world has to offer. Explore their intimate journey and marvel at it.  To see the full Boncoeurs offering from Greige, click here.

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