Patchwork Sheepskin Beanbag by Shepherd of Sweden - Asphalt or Stone - Greige - Home & Garden - Chiswick, London W4

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Patchwork Sheepskin Beanbag by Shepherd of Sweden - Granite, Asphalt, Stone or Creme


Patchwork Sheepskin Beanbag by Shepherd of Sweden - Granite, Asphalt, Stone or Creme

Beautifully crafted sheepskin beanbags with a unique patchwork design - super soft, short, dense and fairly curly sheepskin pieces are individually sewn together into this sturdy beanbag shape.

This beanbag is not of the usual "floppy" design, but more firm and substantial... probably best described as a seatbag, with a more solid nature than what you would normally expect of a beanbag. Wonderfully comfortable, with the natural added bonus of pure sheepskin and its ability to regulate body temperature, hence providing warmth and cosiness in the winter and keeping you cool in the warmer months.

Available in four gorgeous and versatile colours - a mid Granite Grey; lovely dark Asphalt Grey; wonderfully soft Stone; or lovely and neutral Creme.

The approximate dimensions are 60cm x 100cm.

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Design savvy Shepherd of Sweden combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design, using the best natural materials, everything they produce having traces of something traditional, beautiful, stylish and new. They strive to ensure that their manufacturing and production processes are as kind to nature as possible and all subcontractors are placed under strict demands in terms of raising and caring for animals. Hides are only used from suppliers and sheep farmers who have signed an agreement guaranteeing that they follow very strict husbandry rules and a local veterinary signs the same agreement. All hide processing, both in their own factories and those of their subcontractors, is subject to rigid environmental specifications to guarantee that all products do not contain anything that might harm people, animals or the environment, all substances used in their products are tested and approved by SATRA, an independent research and testing organisation.

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