Wonderful Woollen Throws from Lapuan Kankurit, Finland


Wonderful Woollen Throws from Finland
These wonderful throws are designed and woven in Finland by a company that started out nearly a century ago making boots from wool and felt. Having moved on a bit since then, they now offer a beautiful selection of luxurious and expertly made products, using all natural linens and wool. 
These stunning throw blankets will not only keep you warm on chilly nights in front of the telly or when dining alfresco on not-so-balmy summer evenings, but also serve as lovely accents for your home. All woven with care in Finland. We guarantee you, your friends and family will fall in love with these special blankets.
We have selected a range that all work so well together:-
Corona - designed by a leading Finnish designer - beautiful patterned pure wool blanket available in either grey, rose, brown or turquoise - very soft and light, but extremely warm & cosy - 100% wool.
Kaarna - a rather more masculine grey/black stripy number - very soft & light, but extremely warm & cosy -100% wool.
Saaga- a fluffy and luxurous plain mohair blanket in colours that tone so well with the patterned throws - available in a stunning graduated grey to black, rose, beige or turquoise - 70% mohair/30% wool.
Duo - a simple yet stylish reversible pure wool blanket - grey one side, black the other - 100% wool.
Size: 130x170 cm + fringes  (James - 130x200cm)
Care: Wool is easier to take care of than you may think. Unless you actually get it soiled and dirty, it stays clean on its own! It doesn’t absorb smells and is naturally water repellent. You can spot clean by rinsing the area in lukewarm water. When necessary, it is possible to handwash these blankets (max 30 degrees) with a special wool detergent but we would recommend dry cleaning. If hand-washing, do not scrub, stretch or wring out. Rinse thoroughly and lightly squeeze out most of the water. Press the blanket between towels until half-dry. Dry the blanket in an airy space, do not tumble dry.

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