Wax Amaryllis Bulbs

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Wax Amaryllis Bulbs


Wax Amaryllis Bulb - Maintenance Free!

Natural amaryllis bulbs from Peru, covered and protected with wax to keep the moisture inside and allow the bulb to sprout and bloom by itself.  

The special varieties used, bulb size and post harvest temperature treatments, assure a natural and reliable sprouting and blooming.  All the energy and water that the plant needs is stored in the bulb, so there is no need for planting or watering.

These amaryllis bulbs are produced in their native Peru in open fields and harvested in May-June, cleaned and cold stored.  Each bulb is hand-waxed and painted on site and and transported by truck and sea freight to Europe, so it’s also a flight-free product!

Currently available in the following wax colours - Copper Glow; Green Sheen; Dark Chestnut Red; White/Gold Marble.

All produce red flowers, with the exception of the White/Gold Marble which has a white flower.

Nearly every person who has bought these, has come back for more!

A summary:-

  • No planting or watering needed - DO NOT PLANT, DO NOT WATER
  • Leave your Wax Amaryllis at room temperature and enjoy watching it as it grows every day
  • Energy and water are already inside the bulb
  • Thanks to the special varieties and temperature treatments used after harvest, the bulb is ready to start the growth by itself
  • It takes between 4 to 6 weeks to reach blooming
  • Each bulb will produce 2 flowering stems (sometimes 3!), and each stem will have 3-4 flowers
  • Blooms for another 4-6 weeks, sometimes with up to three flowering stems 
  • After blooming, wax coating can be removed and the bulb can be planted following the same techniques as for any other Amaryllis bulb
  • Not edible!

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