Vintage Jelly Mould Candle

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Large Vintage 2 Pint Jelly Mould Candles


Vintage Jelly Moulds Filled with Soya Wax Scented Candle

Unusual and quirky vintage originals.  Two pint jelly moulds (a lovely fluted aluminium or an elegant ceramic) both hand-filled (in the UK!) with scented organic soya wax. Both have two wicks.  Soya burns much cleaner (less smoke) and slower  than other waxes. Once you have finished with the candle, simply clean the soya wax from the mould with warm soapy water and these wonderful jelly moulds can be used for years to come –  the everlasting vintage gift.

(Because of the slow-burning nature of natural soya wax you may have to tip some of the melted wax away when the wax pool gets too big - simply burn for a while, extinquish, then tip the excess melted wax into the bin.  This will prevent the wick from drowning. Just remember to blow the candle out before you tip the wax away!).

Fluted Aluminium (Honeysuckle & Jasmine) or Ceramic (Gardenia)

Cellophane Gift Wrapped

Burn Time:  80-100 hours




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