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Vintage Indian Marble Bowl


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Vintage Indian Marble Bowl

Hand carved from marble, these beautiful bowls once served as everyday vessels in northern India. The unique patina of age and use, along with the natural textures of the stone, make them one-of-a-kind decorative accessories.

Each piece is unique in colour, size, depth, etc. but they are all wonderful, genuine vintage bowls found in northern India. Some are raw and unfinished, others have been slightly polished. They can be waxed for a more refined finish but we leave this to you as some people prefer the more rustic look.  All are lovely and unique.

They are stunning stand-alone pieces and have a myriad of uses - we have sold them to restaurants for displaying food, to other customers for use as soap dishes, fruit bowls, and candle stands. They also make perfect stands for our outdoor candle logs.


Extra Small - up to 18cm
Small - 19-23cm diameter; 3-5cm height
Medium - 24-26cm diameter; 4-6cm height
Large - 27-32cm diameter; 5-7cm height
Extra Large - approximately 33-38cm diameter, 5-7cm height

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