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Together as One - Candle & Holder


All in one Candle and holder - all made of wax !   Tallow Candle from Ontwerpduo

"Some products always need each other. They belong together like a hammer and a nail, bed and blanket, cup and saucer.... By melting them together in one material, their relationship is clear."   This beautiful, extremely aesthetically pleasing candle and holder is hand-made in the Netherlands. Hand cast in a studio in Eindhoven. The raw materials are weighed, melted, mixed and poured. One by one. After a cooling down period of 2 hours, the products are taken from the mould and hand-finished. Because of this manual process, the high quality is assured. Unique and a great gift. Comes packaged in a lovely sturdy brown cardboard box with colour photo. 

Great dinner party gift or birthday present - nice sturdy box.

Available in four colours: Black Velvet; Soft Grey; Soft White; Petrol Blue 
Size: 24 x 11 x 11 cm
Burning time: 8 hours

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