Tiny Votive Candles - 3.8 x 4.8cm - Greige - Home & Garden - Chiswick, London W4

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Tiny Votive Candles - 3.8 x 4.8cm


Tiny Votive Candle - Ivory, Dove Grey, Steel Grey, Linen

Tiny votive candles from Broste Copenhagen. Perfect for use in most candle-holders where you would otherwise use a tealight.

(Please ensure there is enough room around the candle to let it breath and not get too hot. Don't place too many candles close together in one container or the candles could get too hot and burn too quickly and you could end up with a melted mess in the bottom of your holder and remember - never leave lit candles unattended!).

Size: 3.8cm (dia) x 4.8cm (height) - burn time 6.5 hours

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