Tibetan Sheepskin Stool Cover Arctic Sunrise Taupe Beige Cream

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Tibetan Sheepskin Stool Cover


Stunning Tibetan Sheepskin Stool Cover

Need to transform an old, tatty stool or simply fancy a change? These clever stool covers are made from luxurous Tibetan sheepskin, sourced from the highlands of Tibet. The long, curly wool gives these stool covers fabulous visual and tactile appeal. Cloud-like to touch and with a truly wonderful drape.

The cover simply slips over any round stool (up to a diameter of 35cm) and it is held snugly in place by its stong elesticated rim (think very hairy and very big shower cap!). They work equally well on something as simple as a wooden round stool as they do with a deep padded seat (up to 19cm deep).

For example, these covers are perfect with our Wool Stool with Oak Wine Barrel Stave Legs - add the cover for a completely different look and when you fancy a change again, simply remove it to reveal the classic wool seat underneath.

Simple yet stunning! 

Dimensions: Diameter 35cm x Height 19cm

Available in Arctic Sunrise (gorgeous golden creamy/beige); Black, Dove (Very Soft Pink)

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