test tube vases on iron stand

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Test Tube Vases on Iron Stand


Test Tube Vases on Iron Stand

This unique metal display stand with five glass test-tube vases will add a quirky focal point to any room. We love the way the bendy stand can be twisted at slightly different angles as each piece is hinged to the next, making it even more adaptable and unusual.

Obviously, a test-tube will not take many flowers, but that is the beauty and simplicity of this item - just one stem in each would look stunning, but we have displayed here with a row of beautiful (and gorgeously scented!) narcissi.

This is definitely one of our Spring favourites (particularly as you get a stunning display for a small cost - no huge and expensive bouquet needed - less is more, as they say...).

Size:  Height 30cm, Overall Length 38cm, Depth 7cm

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