Hand-dipped Tapered Dinner Candles from Ester & Erik, Denmark - FLAX - Greige - Home & Garden - Chiswick, London W4

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Hand-dipped Tapered Dinner Candles from Ester & Erik, Denmark - FLAX


Hand-dipped Tapered Dinner Candles from Ester & Erik, Denmark - FLAX (also available in other toning colours - Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black)

We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with you these elegant hand-dipped tapered dinner candles that we use in some of our candelabras. We have had such great feedback regarding these "display" candles that we decided to start stocking them (in our usual neutral colour pallette of course!).

Ester & Erik candles are centred on the traditional dipping technique. Every single cotton candle wick is dipped into hot paraffin wax of the very finest quality - the process repeated until a beautiful candle has been created. As a finishing touch, the candles are hand-coloured. (They can also be given a glossy lacquer finish but we actually prefer them un-lacquered and therefore that is how we supply them - please note that the photos here are of lacquered candles and therefore more "wet look" than those we supply but the colours are the same).

This traditional dipping technique and the unique quality of materials used, ensures splendid well-shaped candles which burn with a pure and steady flame – burning slowing and elegantly and then self-extinguishing. A pure candle that will release neither smell nor soot and without wax running down its side. Conically shaped in the bottom so they fit most candlesticks.

The long and elegant taper candles are delivered to us in the frames on which they were produced. We snip them off on demand, gently wrap them and supply whatever quantity you require. 

Handmade, long, lean and with the thin elegant point that is the Ester & Erik trademark.

This is the wonderfully neutral, goes with anything, Flax colour that everyone loves and we have available in all four sizes (see below). 

Also available in other toning colours - Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black.  

Lengths available in Flax:- 
22cm (5 hrs burn time) 
32cm (8 hrs burn time) 
42cm (11 hrs burn time) 
49cm (12 hrs burn time)

Caring for your candlesTo obtain the very best from your Ester & Erik candles, the following rules should be observed:-

  • Ester & Erik's candles will not drip unless exposed to draughts or intense heat. Lit candles should therefore never be placed near radiators or air conditioning systems. 
  • Always keep lit candles at least 10 cm apart. 
  • Avoid touching the edge of the candle while it is lit as this may create imbalance and cause the candle to drip. 
  • The length of visible wick should be approximately one centimetre. This will ensure maximum burning time and prevent smoke and soot formation. 
  • Never leave lit candles unattended.

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