Horn Flower Pendant

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Horn Flower Brooch & Necklace - Caths of Belgium


We are delighted to share with you a stunning range of horn and bone jewellery from Belgian designer, Catherine De Groote. Her distinctive designs reflect her passion for everything organic and her love of natural materials. All materials used are natural, biodegradeable and durable and come from the domestic water buffalo used as livestock in Asia.  All materials are natural by-products - no animal is killed especially for the horn or bone.  The beauty of this unique jewellery lies in the small imperfections of nature.  It also hates water and perfume and you should avoid dropping it as it could crack.  It is stunning and wonderfully tactile and the natural materials take on the temperature of the wearer and therefore it is incredibly comfortable to wear. 

To make it easier to see the range we have split it into different entries on the website. To see the full range, enter "Caths of Belgium" in the search bar at the top of the page and you will see a list of all items.

Pretty horn flower pendant on long plaited cotton cord and matching brooch in either black or cream coloured polished horn.

Flower Pendant and Brooch - both approximately 10cm diameter

Flower Pendant & Cord - length from knot in cord to end of pendant approximately 70cm (can be tied to whatever length you like)




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