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Short Stem Glass Cake Stand & Dome


Short Stem Glass Cake Stand & Dome

Yet another cake stand to add to our collection - giving you even more choice when it comes to deciding how best to show off the results of your home-baking skills. Perhaps you would even like a collection of stands - all different sizes and heights - they look amazing together in a group. This is our short and dumpy one! It's quite small so you don't feel you have to bake all day in order to fill it! Great for when you have unexpected guests for tea - chuck a few shop-bought scones in here and you will really impress your impromptu visitors!

(If you'd like to see all our cake stands - simply type "cake stand" in the search bar at the top of the page.)

Size: Height 32cm x Diameter 19cm
(Will take a cake maximum diameter 15cm, height 12cm)


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