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Scented Hand Lotion from St Eval Candle Company


Beautiful Scented Hand Lotion from St Eval Candle Company

Handmade in Cornwall by the St Eval Candle Company at their farm factory on the stunning North Cornwall coast. 

A beautiful, nourishing hand lotion with natural plant extracts to leave your hands soft and delicately fragranced. Not Tested on Animals and Paraben Free. 

Bottle size: 250ml


Bay & Rosemary - St Eval's best selling fragrance,  an invigorating combination of herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf. Great for the kitchen...

Bergamot & Nettle - Uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of citrus.

Cucumber & Black Pepper - A clean fresh, revitalising scent.

Fig Tree - A clean and refreshing scent with hints of sweet fresh figs.

Grapefruit & Lime - Uplifting grapefruit & freshly squeezed zesty lime.

Sea Salt - another best-selling fragrance, Sea Salt has a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents, reminiscent of the ocean,  the addition of mossy undertones further evoking the sensation of fresh sea breezes.... a really unusual one, but very addictive... be transported to the coast in an instant!

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