Rustic Pillar Candles - Light or Mid Grey

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Rustic Pillar Candles - Light or Mid Grey


Rustic Pillar Candles - Light or Mid Grey

Like our "Greige" colour pillar candles, but a true grey colour (not so "warm" in tone, a more blue-grey). Again, very rustic in appearance with variations in colour and texture that only enhance the look. We also have matching dinner candles (flat top) that can be purchased singularly or in multiples of x6.

PLEASE NOTE - we are replacing this range (with the exception of the "Greige" colour) with our New Rustic Pillar Candles.  As this line is running down you may not find the quantities you require.  If this is the case, please take a look at our new range, which includes a lovely "Mouse Grey", a warmer "Taupe" and a classic off-white "White Asparagus".

Available in various sizes (height x diameter) :-

80 x 68mm - Burn Time 30 hours - £4.00

130 x 68mm - Burn Time 43 hours - £5.50

250 x 68mm - Burn Time 90 hours - £9.00

100 x 100mm - Burn Time 57 hours - £9.00 

200 x 100mm - Burn Time 125 hours - £16.00

300 x 100mm - Burn Time 200 hours - £22.00

270mm Dinner Candle - Burn Time 12 hours (light grey only)




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