Rustic Pillar Candles - Greige

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Rustic Pillar Candles - Greige


Rustic Pillar Candles - Greige

A fabulous sludgy slate/grey/beige colour which seems to go with everything and enhances every candle-holder we have put it with. These pillar candles are very rustic in appearance with variations in colour and texture that only enhance the look. We also have matching dinner candles (flat top) that can be purchased singularly or in multiples of x4.

Available in various sizes (height x diameter) :-

80 x 68mm - Burn Time 30 hours 

130 x 68mm - Burn Time 43 hours 

190 x 68mm - Burn Time 65 hours 

250 x 68mm - Burn Time 90 hours 

100 x 100mm - Burn Time 57 hours 

200 x 100mm - Burn Time 125 hours 

300 x 100mm - Burn Time 200 hours 

270mm Dinner Candle - Burn Time 12 hours 



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