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Round Multi-Wick Candle


Round Multi-Wick Candle

This beautiful multiwick candle is made by a Belgian company who have been making candles in the traditional way, using only the best materials, for many years. This candle has 6 wicks and is available in three soft colours (White Asparagus; Mouse Grey; Taupe). Oh, and by the way, it also floats - making it even more versatile. Fill our cylindrical vase with water and float one of these candles for a stunning effect.

Size: Ø22.5xH5cm (Approx Burn time 40Hrs)

(Take a look at the taller multiwick candles, block candles, square candles and pillar candles from the same company.)

NB - if you are using one of our multi-wick candles with the hurricane/vase we suggest you place something underneath the candle in the bottom of the vase (candle gravel, sand, etc.) or float the candle in water in order to raise the candle higher in the vase to avoid it getting too hot and melting too fast.

Tips for burning your candle:-

Always have approximately 1cm of wick - don't trim too short or the wicks could drown in the wax. Make sure you trim the wicks immediately after burning (when they are "soft") and not before you light the candle (when the wicks are cold and brittle) or they could snap off too short.  When burning, particularly for the first time, always try to burn for several hours in order for large pools to form - if you burn for very short periods, individual small pools will form and will not join together - the best way to burn the candle is with one large pool with all five wicks burning together.

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