large grade A reindeer hide

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Large Reindeer Hides


Large Reindeer Hides

Beautiful, large, grade 'A' reindeer hides. Add luxury and texture to your home with these wonderfully soft hides. They are simply stunning and amazingly tactile. Each hide is unique and they come in a range of silvery grey, brown, white and cream hues (see photos).

We recommend these hides mainly for decorative purposes - we advise you not to place them in high traffic areas or near extreme heat (in front of a fire, conservatories, near a radiator or on floors with underfloor heating) as this will increase the natural shedding process of the hide. They make great wall hangings and fantastic throws for the back of a chair or sofa, but we do not recommend them for use as a rug where they will be walked on excessively. Do not allow animals to lie on the hide as they love to dig out the hair! 

Sustainably sourced - reindeer herders originate from the Sami people, nomadic tribes travelling the fells of Sweden, Norway and spreading to Finland in rhythm with the seasons. The reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Reindeer is still important today to Sami culture and their very existence.

We occasionally have Russian Reindeer hides (usually larger, with more dense coats and trimmed of limbs).

These are large hides and they are approximately 140cm x 120cm (lengthxwidth).  

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